JeVois  1.20
JeVois Smart Embedded Machine Vision Toolkit
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PyModule.__MODULE__ Class Reference


This module is here for you to experiment with Python OpenCV on JeVois and JeVois-Pro.

By default, we get the next video frame from the camera as an OpenCV BGR (color) image named 'inimg'. We then apply some image processing to it to create an overlay in Pro/GUI mode, an output BGR image named 'outimg' in Legacy mode, or no image in Headless mode.

  • In Legacy mode (JeVois-A33 or JeVois-Pro acts as a webcam connected to a host): process() is called on every frame. A video frame from the camera sensor is given in 'inframe' and the process() function create an output frame that is sent over USB to the host computer (JeVois-A33) or displayed (JeVois-Pro).
  • In Pro/GUI mode (JeVois-Pro is connected to an HDMI display): processGUI() is called on every frame. A video frame from the camera is given, as well as a GUI helper that can be used to create overlay drawings.
  • In Headless mode (JeVois-A33 or JeVois-Pro only produces text messages over serial port, no video output): processNoUSB() is called on every frame. A video frame from the camera is given, and the module sends messages over serial to report what it sees.

Which mode is activated depends on which VideoMapping was selected by the user. The VideoMapping specifies camera format and framerate, and what kind of mode and output format to use.

See for tutorials on getting started with programming JeVois in Python without having to install any development software on your host computer.


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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self)
 Constructor. More...
def process (self, inframe, outframe)
 Process function with USB output (Legacy mode): More...
def processGUI (self, inframe, helper)
 Process function with GUI output (JeVois-Pro mode): More...
def processNoUSB (self, inframe)
 Process function with no USB output (Headless mode): More...

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def PyModule.__MODULE__.__init__ (   self)


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Referenced by PyModule.__MODULE__.processNoUSB().

Member Function Documentation

◆ process()

def PyModule.__MODULE__.process (   self,

◆ processGUI()

def PyModule.__MODULE__.processGUI (   self,

Process function with GUI output (JeVois-Pro mode):

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References PyModule.__MODULE__.dict, PyModule.__MODULE__.params, jevois::Engine::DemoData.params, PythonTutorial2.PythonTutorial2.timer, and PyModule.__MODULE__.timer.

◆ processNoUSB()

Member Data Documentation

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