JeVois  1.21
JeVois Smart Embedded Machine Vision Toolkit
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jevois::IMUi2c Member List

This is the complete list of members for jevois::IMUi2c, including all inherited members.

IMUi2c(std::shared_ptr< Camera > cam)jevois::IMUi2c
isSPI() const overridejevois::IMUi2cvirtual
loadDMPfirmware(bool verify=false, bool errthrow=false)jevois::IMU
readDMPregister(unsigned short reg)jevois::IMU
readDMPregisterArray(unsigned short reg, unsigned char *vals, size_t num)jevois::IMU
readRegister(unsigned short reg) overridejevois::IMUi2cvirtual
readRegisterArray(unsigned short reg, unsigned char *vals, size_t num) overridejevois::IMUi2cvirtual
writeDMPregister(unsigned short reg, unsigned short val)jevois::IMU
writeDMPregisterArray(unsigned short reg, unsigned char const *vals, size_t num)jevois::IMU
writeRegister(unsigned short reg, unsigned char val) overridejevois::IMUi2cvirtual
writeRegisterArray(unsigned short reg, unsigned char const *vals, size_t num) overridejevois::IMUi2cvirtual