JeVois  1.21
JeVois Smart Embedded Machine Vision Toolkit
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jevois::StepRange< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for jevois::StepRange< T >, including all inherited members.

empty() constjevois::StepRange< T >
isValueValid(T const val) constjevois::StepRange< T >
max() constjevois::StepRange< T >
min() constjevois::StepRange< T >
operator!=(StepRange< T > const &range1, StepRange< T > const &range2)jevois::StepRange< T >related
operator<<(std::ostream &out, StepRange< T > const &r)jevois::StepRange< T >related
operator=(StepRange< T > const &other)=defaultjevois::StepRange< T >
operator=(StepRange< T > &&other)=defaultjevois::StepRange< T >
operator==(StepRange< T > const &range1, StepRange< T > const &range2)jevois::StepRange< T >related
operator>>(std::istream &in, StepRange< T > &r)jevois::StepRange< T >related
paramStringToVal(std::string const &valstring, StepRange< T > &result)jevois::StepRange< T >related
paramValToString(StepRange< T > const &val, std::string &result)jevois::StepRange< T >related
step() constjevois::StepRange< T >
StepRange()jevois::StepRange< T >explicit
StepRange(T const mini, T const stepi, T const maxi)jevois::StepRange< T >explicit
StepRange(StepRange< T > const &other)=defaultjevois::StepRange< T >
StepRange(StepRange< T > &&other)=defaultjevois::StepRange< T >
StepRange(StepRange< U > const &other)jevois::StepRange< T >explicit