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The camera was working ok. After the last time I disconnected, it does not boot anymore

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The camera was working ok, the led was orange, and it was recognizing persons in an image for the first time I tested.  After  this test, it does not boot anymore: only the green light is on and Windows 7 does not detect it. I tried to connect it to another computer, and tried another power source( a smartphone power source). I checked the contents of sd card,but it seems to be ok. Any idea about the problem?
asked Jun 14, 2018 in Misc Questions by Pasteur Miranda (160 points)

1 Answer

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There could be several things:

- the SD card got corrupted somehow, please reflash it

- the SD card was not fully inserted, please see pics at http://jevois.org/doc/UserStartWindows.html

- other than that, it might be some physical damage to the camera. If you have a USB-to-serial converter, you can try to enable verbose boot mode and see where it fails:

See "Debugging the boot process on platform hardware" at http://jevois.org/doc/Debugging.html - in your case just edit uEnv.txt on the BOOT partition of your microSD and comment out the quiet boot, then uncomment the verbose boot. When JeVois starts, you should see standard Linux boot up messages like shown at the bottom of that Debugging page.
answered Jun 22, 2018 by JeVois (46,580 points)