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JeVois Wont Apply Script.cfg

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Using JeVois Inventor 0.5.0, with the default FIRST Python Module. Also running this on windows.

Anytime I load the module, the camera turns on and the module loads like its supposed to, but the script.cfg does not set anything, like autogain is still on even when in script.cfg it is set to off. Is there a reason that it does not apply?

asked Jan 11, 2019 in Programmer Questions by MSP1167 (120 points)

1 Answer

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I am trying to reproduce but it all works here, just remember this:

for autoexp, a value of 0 means auto and 1 means manual (it is a menu with 2 entries, not a boolean -- not our choice, this is how it is defined in video4linux, the full parameter actually has 4 entries but we only support 2).

also, because the USB specs do not provide an auto gain parameter for webcams, our auto gain parameter is slave to autoexposure. So you should first choose your autoexp setting and then autogain.

when I change autoexp to 1 in script.cfg of FirstPython and then save to JeVois with CTRL-S, the video turns darker, and, looking at the Camera tab in the inventor, the autoexp parameter is indeed in manual. Setting it back to 0 has the reverse effect.
answered Jan 14, 2019 by JeVois (46,580 points)