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Can Jevois handle inputs + outputs ?

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Hello All ,

sorry for this newby question (I'm still discovering JeVois and how to use it ) :

I've a project where I need to track object ( using openCV + MOG2 background subtraction + max blob detected 'tracking' ) . So I'd need to be able to send input data ( my max blob area size thresehold for example , using a potentiometer connected to my arduino board  // and maybe a dynamic ROI area too using another potentiometer  etc )  so those potentiometers would be input datas into JeVois cam  . And in return from JeVois cam I'd need the (x,y) tracking coordinates result ..

So if this possible, how would you do such connexions ? I guess using the Serial port  (outputs ? ) ? + USB one (inputs ?) ? ( no computer would be connected as it is for an autonomus outdoor project ( only the JeVois cam, Arduino board , potentiometers and some servo motors .. + battery :)  )  

Thanks by advance if you have any tutorial link or any explanations that could help me.

asked Mar 5, 2019 in User questions by clemz (270 points)

1 Answer

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Yes, that is no problem, you can do both in and out over the serial link, it is bi-directional. See for example in setup() of the following code how we send some commands from the Arduino to JeVois, then we get coordinates data from jevois to Arduino over the same link:


note that you have to think about your boot order to make sure the commands will be received (i.e., allow jevois to fully start before you power up your Arduino).

In addition to sending standard jevois commands, you can create custom commands,. Anything that the jevois engine does not recognize will be passed to a function parseSerial() of your module, See


for an example of parseSerial()
answered Mar 5, 2019 by JeVois (46,580 points)
thank you Laurent ( or JeVois team :) ) ! I'll investigate those Serial i/o workflow . Thx for the links .