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Having trouble building and deploying new modules...

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I'm having issues with custom modules. I'm on a 17.04 VM, and can successfully build all the repos from scratch (jevois, jevoisbase, and jevois-sdk) and can build and deploy the kernel to the JV. The issue is when I try to make my own module. Following the jvpkg procedure (http://jevois.org/doc/ProgrammerSDK.html) causes the system to hang. I get the green LED, quick flash of amber LED and then solid green LED for many minutes. Inspecting the sd card shows that the files have moved from packages to modules, but the postinstall script sticks around, when its contents suggest it should be deleted after a correct install process. Removing the recently added module allows the JV to boot like normal again.

Inspecting the LINUX partition, I only see an obviously JV library at: LINUX/usr/lib/libjevois.so. I see a /jevois directory, but it is empty and /home/default is also empty. I tried to make my own module with no luck, then I tried to just make a copy of the samplemodule, but still had no luck. I have the modules I'm trying to build on the desktop, and everything seems to be working, but I do see the following:

in the module folder, after rebuild-host.sh I get this message:

-- Set runtime path of "/jevois/modules/SampleVendor/SampleModule/SampleModule.so" to ""

in the module folder, after rebuild-platform.sh I get this message:

-- Set runtime path of "/home/USER_NAME/Desktop/samplemodule/jvpkg/modules/SampleVendor/SampleModule/SampleModule.so" to ""

which seems funny, but may not be...

My main question is this: is the samplemodule in a buildable and deployable state as is? If not what is the best way to check that I'm doing the build and deploy process of new modules correctly?

Also, the install documentation is a little confused regarding where to install repos to (/ near the top, and ~ further down).

Any help is greatly appreciated.

asked May 4, 2017 in Programmer Questions by strott (230 points)

1 Answer

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Sorry for the slow reply. We just posted some new tutorials at http://Jevois.org/tutorials and we confirm that the postinstall was hanging the system. We committed a fix to github, in the jevois repo. Can you try to git pull on jevois, jevoisbase, etc and try again? In the Hello JeVois tutorial we confirmed that sample,odule is now deploysble.

Hopefully the new tutorials help.
answered May 12, 2017 by JeVois (46,580 points)
Just uploaded jevois microSD image 1.0d which has fixes for this bug. Please try to download the latest microSD image from jevois.org and flash it. It should now be able to correctly unpack your new module packages when you place them in the JEVOIS:/packages/ folder.
I have everything working now, thanks for the help. You guys should also consider distributing a prebuilt VMWare VM alongside the VirtualBox VM. I still had some issues building everything explicitely (still issues with JEVOIS_SRC_ROOT and JEVOIS_ROOT definitions when I tried to install somewhere that isn't '~'; I was trying to pile all of the jevois repositories into a common folder to keep my home folder from becoming cluttered). The easy installer script is what ended up working and getting me going.