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using one module inside another

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Is it possible to use one ready-made module inside another? I'm asking this because it would make it very convenient to combine multiple modules. For example, saving the output of a module would become a breeze if I could just write



instead of writing all that code again and making sure I didn't miss anything that would break my code. I am actually asking this question specifically because I want to save the video output of a module, but I feel the question could be generalized.
asked Nov 23, 2019 in Programmer Questions by sidharth (250 points)

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Definitely, yes this is very nice to have. JeVois supports this, just the vocabulary is a bit different:

- you can create Component objects that may host a number of Parameters and any number of sub-components.

- Module derives from Component but is intended to be a terminal entity.

- in JeVois, you load and run one module at a time. The root of the hierarchy is the Engine, which holds the module as a sub-component, which in turn can hold more sub-components.

For more info, see


A good example is the ArUcoBlob module which has an ArUco subcomponent plus several BlobDetector sub-components. For more examples search for "addSubComponent" in the source tree of jevoisbase.


This one may also be a good starting point for you:

answered Nov 26, 2019 by JeVois (46,580 points)
selected Nov 27, 2019 by sidharth
thanks! I will look into this. For now, I am storing images frame by frame for dataset generation. As the datasets are small (10-20fps for 2 minutes max.), the frame by frame method will work, however, the video writing method would be preferable for longer videos in the future.