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Uploading jpg's to the camera causes inventor to freeze

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This is a follow up to my previous question about jevois inventor freezing. I may have found one of the causes. For my project I uploading 8 jpg images to the camera's data folder by exporting the camera as a virtual flash drive in inventor. I reflashed the sd card over the weekend to get fresh software, copied over my code that I had backed up, and things seemed to be working fine. Then, when I uploaded the 8 images that are read in by my program via opencv, inventor froze up as soon as I ejected the virtual flash drive from my  computer. I tried my camera on my personal mac laptop and inventor still froze. So, it seems like uploading the images is what causes inventor to freeze up with my camera. Is their a limit to the files size for images that can be read in by the camera?

For reference, all I am doing with the code so far is editing the PyClassificationDNN code so that instead of the frame in each iteration being the current video frame, it is one of the jpg files I uploaded to the camera. I am using the module to identify certain objects in reference images. Also, just in case it is relevant, my cameras light stays solid green on both my windows work laptop and personal mac laptop, even after changing the sd card.
asked Dec 3, 2019 in User questions by obriena (310 points)

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following private conversations, looks like the problem was in some helper code added to the module. Posting here just as it might be useful to others.

Remember that JeVois reboots when you eject the virtual USB drive, so the inventor will be greyed-out for 30 seconds or so until jevois has come back online.

if you have more problems, pls send us your code so we can try it here. Usually, the OS on the camera should not crash as we have been careful to catch all kinds of exceptions. But maybe the crash is indeed deep in one of the helpers you are using. Another way which may useful to debug is to run your module on your host computer (linux only), which may give you some more verbose messages when it crashes. Please see here:


and the tutorials.
answered Dec 3, 2019 by JeVois (46,580 points)