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Return VP x value in RoadNavigation stream mode ?

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Hello !

I'm trying to build a linefollower bot with Jevois.

I do it with the RoadNavigation module. It screen the ground and take a black line in a white background as road.

It return the fTPX value in stream mode and i'm trying to get the VP x value. Anyone know how to do that ? The VP x value is the exact position of the line in x abcissa.

I'm not really good at programming and I don't want to re-write part and recompile the entier raodnavigation code.

Also if any one know another module that I can use to make a linefollwer i'm interested.

Please tell me if you have any info that could help me.

Have a nice day!
asked May 23, 2017 in Programmer Questions by STM32user (120 points)

1 Answer

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Sounds like a very interesting project!

Can you help us understand what you want to do by posting some pictures of the kinds of roads or lines you want to detect? The RoadNavigation module is looking for a road as seen by a camera facing forward in a car. It basically looks for as many lines as it can find that all converge towards a single point (vanishing point) on the horizon line.

Are you also planning to have the camera facing forward, or maybe facing down as is more often the case with line followers?
answered May 24, 2017 by JeVois (46,580 points)

I actually have same question.
I would like to participate to a robot race with Jevois and a RC car.
For your information, here is video about how the road would look like:

I hooked up Jevois (firmware 1.3) to and ESP8266 and can see serial messages on my phone, but the value I get seem to be fTPX and not VP.

Can you please provide information about how fTPX can be used?
It seems to be filtered target point X but is very different from VP value.

Thanks in advance.