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Object detection

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I am currently learning how to use the object detection module, i have followed the tutorials for the module but everytime i try to save a object i dont get a green box around the object aka the software dosent recognize it. i cant seem to figure out why i cant get it to work, it should just be a few simple commands but acording to the module tutorials, but no results. Any tips on how to fix this or just how to get it to work?
asked Mar 3, 2020 in Programmer Questions by Atlanteco (150 points)

1 Answer

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The ObjectDetect module http://jevois.org/moddoc/ObjectDetect/modinfo.html has several parameters you can tune if your objects are not detected with the default settings. The default settings assume that your object has unique texture elements, and will not work well with objects that are very simple, e.g., a white square object.

First try higher "distthresh". This is how similar keypoints must be between learned image and current image.

Then try to broaden the range for "goodpts", this is how many matching key points are needed between learned image and current image.

Then try to lower "hessian" which controls how sharp keypoints have two be to be considered.
answered Mar 11, 2020 by JeVois (46,580 points)