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support for data matrix / small 2D barcode

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hi jevois team;

someone came to me for decoding small 2D barcode, turns out that the best format is data_matrix (dtmx). So i though again about our poor attempts to get libdtmx on JeVois. We already discussed this in late 2018 here and there.

We simply couldn't make the suggested tutorial http://jevois.org/tutorials/ProgrammerDlib.html

Looking at the barcode documentation, I still do not see the data_matrix format.

it's a pitty, i'm sure the right person could get that solved in no time :'( 

Can anyone help me ?

asked May 14, 2020 in Programmer Questions by fourchette (580 points)

1 Answer

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I remember working on this a while back but I am not sure I ever converged... Can you please check this:


with a recent JeVois version (like 1.14.0). The fact that there is no screenshot means maybe it is not fully working yet. Basically we need to install libdmtx and pydmtx on the platform hardware. As far as I remember, it is quite slow, so maybe that is why we did not complete it.
answered Jun 24, 2020 by JeVois (46,580 points)