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How to create an own MobileNetSSD caffe model

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Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have a problem and perhaps you can help me. I am building a Robot. Unitl now he can move, listen, speaking in English, German and Spanish. Also he can look with your JeVois cam. Therefor I use 3 Arduino Mega 2560.
The first on is the masterbrain (for hearing, moving, speaking and to tell the Subbrains, what they has to do).
The second one is an Subbrain (for moving the robot and to measure the distances to the front, to the sides and to behind. Also he can measure  downward to recognize stairs). Sending back results to the Masterbrain.
The third one is also a Subbrain(for moving an Arm with 6 Servos, listen for noise and turn the Arm in this direction, looking for Objects (with your cam). The cam can detect up to 20 Objects. If the cam detect a Person, she will looking for a face. If she see a face, she will look, wether she recognize this face. Sending back results to the Masterbrain.

Therefor I am using



darknet yolo data voc.names (with 20 pretrained objects)

All is functioning very well. My problem is, that I want to train some
more other objects (for example 10 new objects more) to this model with a Python
program and I do not know, how I have to do it. How can I train my own caffe model? Can you help me? Do you
have an explanation or a sample program for this? I want to understand, what I have to do to train my own caffe model. I want to integrate this in my existing software of my homebulid robot. In this case my robot can learn new objects every time by himself. That is what I understand under begining artificial Inteligence.

Please give me an answer as soon as possible.

I wish you a good and healthy future

Best regards

Peter Dambrowsky
asked Jul 27, 2020 in Programmer Questions by Peter (580 points)

1 Answer

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Up ! Artificial Intelligence is hard !
answered Jan 9, 2021 by Madfini (270 points)