JeVois  1.21
JeVois Smart Embedded Machine Vision Toolkit
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RawImage.H File Reference
#include <memory>
#include <linux/videodev2.h>
#include <jevois/Image/details/RawImageImpl.H>
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class  jevois::RawImage
 A raw image as coming from a V4L2 Camera and/or being sent out to a USB Gadget. More...


namespace  jevois
 Main namespace for all JeVois classes and functions.
namespace  jevois::yuyv
 Helper YUYV colors.
namespace  jevois::rgb565
 Helper RGB565 colors.


unsigned short constexpr jevois::yuyv::Black = 0x8000
 YUYV color value.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::yuyv::DarkGrey = 0x8050
 YUYV color value.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::yuyv::MedGrey = 0x8080
 YUYV color value.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::yuyv::LightGrey = 0x80a0
 YUYV color value.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::yuyv::White = 0x80ff
 YUYV color value.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::yuyv::DarkGreen = 0x0000
 YUYV color value.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::yuyv::MedGreen = 0x0040
 YUYV color value.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::yuyv::LightGreen = 0x00ff
 YUYV color value.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::yuyv::DarkTeal = 0x7070
 YUYV color value.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::yuyv::MedTeal = 0x7090
 YUYV color value.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::yuyv::LightTeal = 0x70b0
 YUYV color value.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::yuyv::DarkPurple = 0xa030
 YUYV color value.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::yuyv::MedPurple = 0xa050
 YUYV color value.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::yuyv::LightPurple = 0xa080
 YUYV color value.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::yuyv::DarkPink = 0xff00
 YUYV color value.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::yuyv::MedPink = 0xff80
 YUYV color value.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::yuyv::LightPink = 0xffff
 YUYV color value.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::rgb565::Black = 0x0000
 RGB565 value for: 0, 0, 0.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::rgb565::Navy = 0x000F
 RGB565 value for: 0, 0, 128.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::rgb565::DarkGreen = 0x03E0
 RGB565 value for: 0, 128, 0.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::rgb565::DarkCyan = 0x03EF
 RGB565 value for: 0, 128, 128.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::rgb565::Maroon = 0x7800
 RGB565 value for: 128, 0, 0.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::rgb565::Purple = 0x780F
 RGB565 value for: 128, 0, 128.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::rgb565::Olive = 0x7BE0
 RGB565 value for: 128, 128, 0.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::rgb565::LightGrey = 0xC618
 RGB565 value for: 192, 192, 192.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::rgb565::DarkGrey = 0x7BEF
 RGB565 value for: 128, 128, 128.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::rgb565::Blue = 0x001F
 RGB565 value for: 0, 0, 255.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::rgb565::Green = 0x07E0
 RGB565 value for: 0, 255, 0.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::rgb565::Cyan = 0x07FF
 RGB565 value for: 0, 255, 255.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::rgb565::Red = 0xF800
 RGB565 value for: 255, 0, 0.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::rgb565::Magenta = 0xF81F
 RGB565 value for: 255, 0, 255.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::rgb565::Yellow = 0xFFE0
 RGB565 value for: 255, 255, 0.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::rgb565::White = 0xFFFF
 RGB565 value for: 255, 255, 255.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::rgb565::Orange = 0xFD20
 RGB565 value for: 255, 165, 0.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::rgb565::GreenYellow = 0xAFE5
 RGB565 value for: 173, 255, 47.
unsigned short constexpr jevois::rgb565::Pink = 0xF618
 RGB565 value for: F4 C2 C2.